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NUS-ISS SkillsFuture Series Seminar: Harnessing the power of Intelligent Software Agents

9 April 2019, Shaw Alumni Foundation House Auditorium, 11 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119244


"An agent is a software thing that knows how to do things that you could probably do yourself if you had the time." Ted Selker of the IBM Almaden Research Center (quote taken from Janca (1995)

We live in an increasingly interconnected and digital world, driven by software agents.

In Business Process Automation (BPA), software robots are virtual workers that mimic people to take actions and procedures in various industry domains, such as scheduling, knowledge management, and virtual assistants.

In scientific research and exploration, software agents provide the impetus for speeding up simulations and data analysis for previously intractable problems such as DNA sequencing or exploring deep space.

This seminar covers the evolution and application of software agents for intelligent process automation and as software robots. Come learn about how software agents can transform your business and life.

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Hospitality C-Suite Industry Session:

Unlocking Agility for Hospitality Business Transformation and Manpower Optimization

19 June 2018, NTUC Centre, One Marina Boulevard, Singapore


A future-directed strategy and a next-generation operating model are of highest priorities to businesses navigating digital landscapes which are inundated with information from multi-sources and formats, complexity of tasks, and market and customer-dynamics that change at ever-increasing speeds. Be positioned for business transformation and optimization of a streamlined workforce by leveraging Lean, digital tools, and Robotic Process Automation together.

Join us on 19/6 for a concise 2-hour sharing by process improvement experts as well as technology and digital innovators, on the why now and how to of combining strategic approaches in business transformation to sharpen your organisation’s unique value proposition and competitive edge.

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SkillsFuture Series Seminar:

Transforming your Business with RPA

11 May 2018, Institute of Systems Science, Singapore


The convergence of robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, cognitive platforms and advanced analytics represents the most disruptive force since the Industrial Revolution. According to KPMG research, between now and 2025, up to two-thirds of the $9 trillion knowledge worker marketplace may be affected. In this seminar, CFB Bots will be sharing on how companies are using RPA in Singapore, what are some best practices, and what are some of the common pitfalls and challenges faced by Singapore companies in RPA implementations.

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Tech Day 2017

11 October 2017, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore


In conjunction with Republic Polytechnic's 15th anniversary, Tech Day 2017 has taken a more forward-looking theme: "The Future of Work - Preparing for a Disrupted World." The event aims to provide insights on how technologies are changing the Future of Work, and how companies can respond to these changes.

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Office Expo Asia 2017

26 - 28 July 2017, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


With disruptive innovations transforming the world of work, Office Expo Asia (OEA) congregates forward-looking organisations, brands and agile mind-sets looking to extend their market reach. OEA is Singapore’s all-encompassing event for corporate businesses to source for workplace solutions, big and small.

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ITE College East ICM Sharing Session

26 July 2017, ITE College East, Singapore


An ICM industry sharing session for students and staff from the School of Electronics and ICT and Technology Department.

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HR Summit & Expo Asia 2017

3 - 4 May 2017, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore




What does it take for HR to lead in a digital age constantly disrupted by new technology and social platforms? 


Are you AGILE?


In managing today’s globalized and highly diverse workforce, how should organisations adapt and engage employees to stay ahead and remain competitive? 




The future is now. How can HR transform to embrace change and meet constantly evolving business needs in the future economy? 


Get your answers to these pressing questions, HR concerns and practical solutions @ HR Summit Asia 2017 - Asia’s leading workforce management event for the last 15 years!


Join more than 4,000 HR and business professionals, management gurus, and learn how to mitigate the evolving workplace and take HR to the ‘next level’.

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