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Explore our database of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) use cases for RPA examples in various industries and business functions

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In different industries, RPA can be used for many different uses. RPA helps companies to automate rule-based processes, allowing companies to work cheaper, faster and better.


Start by choosing your work function in the dropdown list below. Alternatively, you can explore RPA use cases for all functions to view a large range of RPA examples for inspiration to get started with RPA.

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Automating Returns

To improve customer satisfaction and cut down your employees' workload, you can employ RPA bots to automate manual parts of the return process, such as retrieving customers' purchase records.

HR Virtual Assistants

Use chatbots and RPA to help employees easily accomplish routine HR tasks such as applying for leave, submitting claims, and more. 

This creates a smoother process for employees, resulting in less frustration and more accurate declaration, while HR staff members can focus on higher-value tasks.

Generating Mass Emails

If you regularly send emails that involve gathering information from multiple sources, you can set up an RPA bot to automate the email generation and sending process.

Transferring Business Cards to CRM

If you have a large number of business cards collected through previous meetings, you can employ OCR and RPA to enter these into your CRM.

Absence Management

Cross-check employee leave records with the time logged in to your company's systems to identify gaps in absence reporting, and notify your employees to fill in the blanks.

Data Updates from Emails and Forms

Set up bots to automatically update information such as changes in personnel or customer details (addresses, phone number, email addresses) by extracting information from emails and forms.

Issuing Refunds

Use RPA bots to automate the process of issuing refunds based on pre-defined business rules, and only flag exceptions for manual intervention by staff members. 

This reduces the workload of staff members while improving the customer experience.

Daily P&L Preparation

Automate the tedious process of creating daily P&L and risk exposure reports. Cut out the manual, error-prone process of checking various Excel spreadsheets, legacy systems, and more.

Data Reconciliation

Reconcile data from various sources by having RPA bots access the sources and extract the information, then perform comparison and validation before gathering them into a single report or database.

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