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Automation as a Service

Ready-made bots you can just use. Enjoy the benefits of automation without the complexities of managing the IT infrastructure and the entire bot lifecycle from build to operate to maintain.

For organisations who are lean or without the necessary RPA resources or expertise, implementing automation can be a lot of work. For example, you will need to:

  • Shortlist and select the appropriate RPA software vendor

  • Setup and manage the required IT infrastructure, including ensuring high availability and disaster recovery

  • Setup and maintain the RPA software platform, including upgrades

  • Manage the entire bot implementation lifecycle in the build phase, from process discovery and bot development to testing and deployment

  • Maintain and enhance the bots as your applications, data, and business processes evolve

  • General project and vendor management

This is to mention nothing about the sizable upfront investment that companies need to make, or the lead time required before your digital workforce becomes productive.

There is a better way. With Automation as a Service, you can start enjoying the benefits of automation instantly. You do not have to bear the ownership of the bots and the responsibilities of managing and maintaining these digital workers. In short, Automation as a Service allows you to fulfil your automation ambitions instantly and scale infinitely.

Free RPA Bots To Get You Started

Unsure about Automation as a Service and whether it is suitable for you? Don't take our word for it - why not experience the power of automation for yourself? 


Our team has built these free bots to help with common daily tasks that are much better automated. You can enjoy these services for free, so go ahead and sign up! 


TenderBot - Never Miss Another Sales Opportunity Again

Eliminate the time wasted manually checking multiple procurement portals to keep tabs of tenders, RFPs, ITQs, and more in your field. Our free TenderBot service monitors >100 procurement portals daily so you don't have to.


InvoiceBot - Extract Data From Invoices and Receipts Automatically

Are you an account executive who is tired of processing large volumes of invoices and receipts every day? Automate the data extraction from your documents using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. InvoiceBot does that for free!

robot-clipart-md (1).png

Governator - Review Your UiPath Scripts to Ensure Compliance and Governance

The Governator automatically scans your UiPath scripts to ensure conformance to coding standards and best practices. Whether you're a developer, an RPA CoE team member, or CIO, our free Governator tool can help you evade potential security breaches, audit issues, and more.

Free bots
Image by Douglas Bagg

Got an idea for a bot?

Have a talk with our experts so we can understand your needs and formulate the best solution for you

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