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Get your people ready for automation

From recruiting the right automation talents to preparing your business users for life after automation, we can help you succeed with digitalization.

When it comes to human capital, there are two things you need in order to fulfil your automation and digitalization ambitions: having the right automation talents and making sure that your business users' roles after automation are well defined.

As insiders in the automation industry, we know all too well how important people are for the success of your automation initiatives—and we're here to help you succeed.

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Automation Team

Building a strong team of in-house automation experts is crucial in accelerating your company’s progress in its digital transformation journey.

This core team of experts will form a self-sustaining RPA Centre of Excellence (CoE), consolidating automation initiatives, setting up governance frameworks, and setting the automation direction of your company.


To equip our customers with the necessary automation expertise, we help source, train, and mentor a fully accredited RPA team, including developers and business analysts.

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Business Users

One key advantage of automation is that it frees up time for business users to work on higher value-added tasks.


But what exactly are those tasks? How will your business users' roles change post-automation? These are just a few out of the many questions you need to consider.

A systematic job redesign will help you reap the maximum benefits from automation. With their new job scopes defined properly, business users will be ready to collaborate with and augment your new digital workforce.

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Talent Services for Automation Teams

We help you build your RPA team quickly and cost-effectively with our talent network, proven training framework, and industry experience.

Resource Planning and Analysis

We understand and define your talent requirements

based on your automation pipeline, skillsets requirements, and more.


For the best cost-effectiveness, we strategically assess and evaluate the optimal mix of resource augmentation and project outsourcing for your organisation

Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management

From sourcing and selection to employee onboarding and management, we can take care of all aspects of RPA talent management for you. 


We ensure that the RPA developers are trained and certified in the RPA tool of your choice, as well as other important aspects, such as RPA project implementation lifecycle, development standards, and best practices.


We provide continual support to the developers to ensure their ongoing effectiveness. This includes assigning a mentor, providing access to our internal expertise and knowledge base, and more.

Automation Team

Job Redesign for Business Users

We help redesign the jobs of business users affected by automation. Complementing our automation consultancy and implementation services, we carry out the following process to ensure that your employees are ready to contribute optimally post-automation—in collaboration with your new digital workfore.

Diagnosis & Assessment of the Status Quo

This includes:

  • Understanding your operations and business goals

  • Conducting on-site observations

  • Interviewing your employees and conducting surveys

  • Collecting and analysing data on current business processes and tasks

  • Arriving at job redesign principles

Design & Development of New Job Scope

This includes:

  • Understanding the implications of tasks and jobs matching

  • Re-mapping tasks to the right jobs

  • Identifying skill gaps to be addressed for success in the new roles

  • Identifying key metrics to measure impact of the redesign

Implementation & Review

This includes:

  • Developing roadmap for implementation

  • Preparing communications to employees

  • Collecting feedback on the impact of the redesign

  • Evaluate and refine the solutions based on impact

Business Users
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Do you think your employees are  automation-ready?

We are here to help get your digital transformation on track—everything from recruiting and training automation talents to job redesign for business users.

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