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InvoiceBot: Automatic Invoice Data Extraction with RPA, AI, and ML

Are you tired of processing large volumes of invoices and receipts every day? Automate invoice data extraction from your financial documents with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

  • Eliminate the mundane, repetitive task of checking invoices and receipts

  • Ensure a high level of accuracy in the data capture

InvoiceBot automatically extracts the relevant data from your invoices and receipts and sends you the extracted data via email.


Using AI and ML, the InvoiceBot is intelligent enough to work with a variety of document formats and to extract the relevant data fields to a high degree of accuracy.


Start using InvoiceBot now - for FREE!

Works with all types of invoices and receipts

Does not require any specific rule or template setup

High level of accuracy in the data capture

The extracted data are automatically sent to you via email

Perfect for accounts and finance executives as well as small business owners who need invoice data extraction on a regular basis

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