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Chief Automation Officer (CAO) as a Service

Digitalization consultancy services for SMEs to leverage technologies like Automation, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Worried about perennial manpower challenges? Future-proof your business by transforming it into an automation-first, digital-ready enterprise.

If you're not sure how to go about doing that, we can help—by acting as your Chief Automation Officer.

Chief Automation Officer as-a-Service (CAOaaS) provides Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) with consultancy and advisory in the areas of digitalization and automation, enabling you to successfully leverage digital technologies—including Automation, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)—to revolutionize how work is performed and leapfrog your competitors.

How CAO-as-a-Service works

1. Needs Analysis

  • Understanding your business objectives and current challenges

  • Identifying opportunities for process improvements, digitalization and automation

2. Roadmap Planning

  • Proposing the appropriate digital technologies to meet your business needs

  • Building and justifying the business case for automation

  • Evaluate and assess funding support, including government grants

3. Process Redesign

  • Simplifying, standardizing and re-engineering business processes to maximize effectiveness

  • Orchestrating changes across your entire organization in a sustainable and scalable manner

4. Project Consultancy

  • Providing project and technical support to ensure implementation success

  • Establishing standards and best practices, and ensuring security and governance

5. Value-Added Services

  • Establishing a sustainable pipeline of digital talents through mentoring, upskilling and reskilling

  • Fostering an automation-first, digital-ready culture that is future-proof

  • Providing general IT consultancy and advisory

Why CFB Bots?

Strong track record of successfully driving automation initiatives in diverse businesses across all stages of growth

We understand the priorities and challenges of SMEs, and are able to propose cost-effective and practical solutions

Deep domain expertise in the emerging field of Automation, Analytics and AI

Image by Douglas Bagg

Would you like to start automating?

We can help you through every step of your automation journey. Just get in touch, and we’ll get you started.

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