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Automation Consultancy and Advisory

Backed by years of industry experience, our experts will ensure the long-term success of your automation efforts

Experienced guides for your automation journey

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will boost productivity, employee engagement, customer experience, and more—ultimately growing your bottom line.


But the key to realising the promise of automation is getting it done right.

Our team of experts is here to help you get it right—from your very first automation pilot projects all the way through to full-scale enterprise-wide implementation.

RPA Accelerator

Our experts are here to jumpstart your Digital Transformation—fast.


The RPA Accelerator is a bespoke, intensive programme that will bring you from an organisation fairly new to RPA to one with a structured RPA Operating Model and Centre of Excellence (CoE) in place, ready to continue enterprise automation efforts.

Our automation services

Process Discovery

Maintain your momentum by systematically building a strong pipeline of processes suitable for automation

Business Process Redesign

Redesign and re-engineer your business processes—leveraging the latest in automation and digital technologies—to achieve process and operational excellence

RPA Operating Model

Institute a systematic model to govern your automation programme so that it can scale in a sustainable and predictable way


Expertise and infrastructure to enable full-scale end-to-end automation, both in terms of technology and culture

AI Accelerator

Incorporate AI into your processes so that you can automate even more of your processes and skyrocket your productivity

RPA Process Discovery 

Building an automation pipeline is crucial to a successful automation programme.

Without a pipeline of suitable processes lined up for automation, your RPA programme eventually dries up and automation inevitably stops.


To ensure the continued success of your automation programme, our experts will put in place systems that will allow your organisation to continually discover and assess new processes for RPA. We will use tools such as:

Automation lifecycle platform to crowdsource RPA ideas from all employees so as to enable bottom-up innovation. Ideas submitted are vetted for technical and commercial feasibility and prioritised to maximise ROI.

Process and Task Mining to systematically and scientifically identify tasks and processes suitable for automation. This helps improve your speed-to-market by facilitating the identification and creation of a robust automation pipeline without having to rely on time-consuming and subjective process workshops and user interviews.

Automated work process capturing tools that make the requirements gathering a breeze. As the saying goes, before automation, think documentation.

Process Discovery

Business Process Redesign

Building sustainable and resilient processes is the only way to survive and thrive in today's VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world.


Start by evaluating existing systems and processes, and determine the current pain points, operational challenges, and business risks. Redesign and re-engineer your business processes, while leveraging the state of the art in automation and digital technologies, to achieve process and operational excellence while enhancing customer and employee experience.


To help you pivot to an automation-first, digital-centric operating model, our experts will carry out the following:

1. Process Identification


Conduct awareness workshops and brainstorming sessions​

2. Process Evaluation

​​​Screen the identified processes against evaluation criteria, e.g. business value, process fitness, operational readiness, automation complexity and business risk

3. Process Redesign

  • ​​Conduct of process deep-dive workshops to review qualified/prioritized processes

  • Redesign business processes to incorporate automation and digitalization elements

  • Leverage lean, six sigma, design thinking, and other techniques to achieve process excellence and enhance customer experience

  • Create high-level "as-is" and "to-be" process maps outlining both human (i.e. manual) and robot (i.e. digital) pathways

4. Process Documentation

  • Define the business case for automation and digitalization

  • Create process definition document as the new SOP

  • Presentation to management

Business Process Redesign
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Get our best tips on which processes are suitable for RPA

RPA Operating Model

RPA Vision

Conducting Centre of Excellence (CoE) visioning and strategy workshop to establish a vision for automation, with objectives and goals that are aligned with your overall business strategy.

RPA Delivery

Providing best-in-class technology and methodology for RPA delivery and implementation, including best practices for development, code review, and IT & security integration. 

RPA Governance

Establishing the guidelines that oversee and govern the conduct of RPA throughout the enterprise, including cybersecurity, data protection, audit and compliance, and more.

RPA Support & Services

Proactive monitoring of bots to maximise uptime, monitoring of overall Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure that RPA objectives (and ultimately vision) are met.

RPA Pipeline

Providing guidance and setting up a systematic framework for your organisation to assess and prioritise processes suitable for RPA on an ongoing basis.

RPA Stakeholders

Building an automation-first enterprise requires a whole-of-organisation approach. We advise various stakeholders—from the C-suite to HR, IT, Audit, and more—on managing and communicating changes to ensure the programme's success.

RPA Operating Model

If you have automated a few processes using RPA, you would have experienced the many benefits that come with automation, albeit in isolated projects.


Imagine multiplying these benefits and scaling them throughout your business. This is automation on steroids or what we termed as Automation@Scale.


This is what an RPA Operating Model does. It governs your RPA projects throughout your organisation, allowing it to scale in a standardised, sustainable manner, and thus replicating the benefits in the same way across the organisation.

To get your organisation ready to scale, our experts can assist you in the establishment of your RPA Operating Model, addressing these aspects:


To unlock the full benefits of automation, you need to let automation permeate through your entire organisation and become an integral part of your culture.

Digital workers need to become part of your team. Employees work hand-in-hand with their digital assistants, where humans provide intelligence and judgment to make decisions, and robots perform manual, repetitive work.

You need to build a culture of continuous improvement in the organisation, where employees are actively engaged in continually identifying processes to be improved using automation and other digital technologies.


Our experts will provide the expertise and infrastructure to enable full-scale end-to-end automation, both in terms of enterprise culture and technology.

Training & Knowledge

Building capability within your organisation to deliver on the goals of the programme. Together with a Sustainable Engagement initiative, training can be integrated with contests (like bot-tathons and idea-thons) to drum up excitement for citizen developers and other business users.

Change Management 

Processes and techniques to communicate and manage the large-scale organisational change required to deliver your desired business outcome while minimising any adverse impact.

IT & Support

IT infrastructure and maintenance support activities to enable and sustain your operations, including high availability and disaster recovery.


Performing Automation Centre of Excellence (CoE) functions, such as validating citizen developers’ automations, managing and delivering automations, measuring and tracking success indicators, and more.


Generation of automation ideas, feasibility assessment, and business case analysis of business processes to help build your automation pipeline.  This also covers the ways in which the CoE can continuously engage and excite employees about automation (e.g. through gamification strategies and contests like bot-tathons).


Leveraging the full spectrum of digital technologies such as RPA, AI, OCR, Process Mining, and Chatbots, we build automation solutions that mimic human workers better and automate your processes end to end.


AI Accelerator

Our AI Accelerator programme helps you advance in your Automation Maturity Roadmap. You will progress from automating simple, rule-based, discrete tasks to automating high-impact, end-to-end business processes that enhance both Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX).


We augment your traditional RPA solutions with cognitive capabilities, including systems (visual) understanding, document understanding, process understanding, and conversational understanding.


Our team will work in three phases to ensure that our solutions are thorough, robust, and sustainable:


Our data scientists and data analysts will work with your team to:

  • identify and analyse the business problem

  • analyse and evaluate the data requirements (both qualitative and quantitative)

  • create hypotheses

  • develop the business case for management approval


Our automation experts will design the appropriate data model and re-engineer the business process to include:

  • predictive and decision-making capabilities

  • escalations (human-in-the-loop)

  • service orchestration (between humans and bots)

  • continuous learning


We will establish the appropriate governance framework to ensure that the algorithms are explainable, transparent, and ethical.

AI Accelerator
Image by Douglas Bagg

Have you hit a rut in your automation initiatives?

Our experts can provide advice on keeping your automation efforts going, and even set up frameworks to scale them in a sustainable way.

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