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Process Mining and Process Discovery

Identifying processes suitable for automation is both an art and a science

To achieve and maintain a good ROI on automation, it is important to keep the momentum going. 


Having a solid pipeline of automation projects is key. It eliminates time wasted on identifying suitable processes for automation, so your team can automate at maximum speed.


This is where Process Mining comes in.

Examining processes - process flow diagram

What is Process Mining?

Process Mining is an objective, data-driven approach towards identifying processes suitable for automation.


It helps to achieve process excellence by identifying areas where your existing processes can benefit from process redesign or re-engineering, even prior to automating them.


This way, you ensure effectiveness through Process Mining before focusing on efficiency through automation.

How does Process Mining work?

Process Mining works by reading and analysing event data in your existing enterprise systems, such as your ERP and CRM systems.


It lets you visualise your actual, as-is end-to-end processes and helps you zoom in on inefficient processes and bottlenecks that need to be fixed—these are prime candidates for process re-engineering and automation.


Untitled design.jpg

Capture digital footprints by reading and analysing event data left behind in your systems and applications



Visualise your current, as-is process flows, including time taken, deviations, and inefficiencies



Streamline your processes with the help of automation



Continuously monitor your processes and optimise them

Process Mining enhances your automation efforts

Speed and scale

Process Mining greatly speeds up the work of identifying tasks and processes suitable for RPA, so you don't have to devote as much time and headcount.

Breaks down silos

Find processes suitable for RPA across your entire organisation


Its data-driven approach, underpinned by smart Machine Learning algorithms, means that it can identify tasks humans might miss

Helps you optimise

The insights from process mining help you improve and fix processes before automating them, so you gain maximum efficiency


Process mining helps you identify the most impactful processes to automate 

Increasing ROI resulting from Process Mining

Process Mining is key to maximising your automation ROI

The speed and comprehensive coverage of Process Mining help you identify many potential processes at one go.


This helps you build a consistent, robust, and complete automation pipeline that will keep up the momentum and secure the long-term success of your automation efforts.

Image by Douglas Bagg

Are you facing challenges identifying processes for automation?

Use Process Mining to quickly identify the most impactful automation opportunities in your organisation.

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