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RPA in Shipping

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help eliminate the huge amount of paperwork and manual computer processes slowing down your operations

Being an industry that goes a long way back, the shipping industry is steeped in tradition.  Unfortunately, it also means that many in the industry tend to stick to traditional ways of doing things.


In some aspects, this doesn't work out well in this increasingly digital world

With companies like Amazon having offered 2-day shipping for the past years, consumers are getting used to instant gratification as a norm. The shipping industry must work faster.

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Besides the physical speed of shipping goods that can be hard to control, shipping companies need to look at speeding up other processes within their control

There's plenty of paperwork where shipping is concerned—e.g. document submissions to port authorities, bills of lading,  invoices, and much more. How do you get these done faster?

Here's where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes into the picture to enhance your shipping productivity.

Benefits of RPA in Shipping

Work faster—and better

RPA bots can handle your paperwork at a fraction of the time. They work at superhuman speed, don't need any break and don't take leave—and at the same time don't make mistakes. This way, you can generate your documents quickly and get your good on the way fast.

Better data to help you optimise

Large volumes of data, processed automatically and quickly through RPA and AI, can give never-before-seen insights that provide a more complete picture. These data help you make better decisions as to how you can further optimise your operations.

Reduced reliance on manpower

Each staff member, both technical and non-technical, can now do more—man more machines, analyse more processes, process more transactions—since they don't have to do as much mundane, repetitive work like manually copying and pasting data, compiling reports, etc.

RPA Use Cases in Shipping

Shipment scheduling and tracking

Invoice processing and credit collections

Preparation of documents for submission to regulatory authorities

Automating procurement and inventory processes

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Find out more about these RPA Use Cases in Shipping

If your organisation needs a productivity boost in any of the categories above, download this free document to find out how RPA can help in each area.

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