About CFB Bots

Our story began with a simple discovery – employees are feeling increasingly disengaged at work.


According to one Work Happiness Survey, a whopping 65% of the respondents indicated that they are not satisfied with their current job. The overall score on the Work Happiness Indicator was only 46.8%. This means that on average, people are feeling unhappy at work.


These are very sombre statistics indeed, if you consider that most people spent more than half of their waking hours at work. And what about the negative impact on the economy as well, given that disengaged employees are likely to be less productive.


What is the root cause of this disengagement?


We believe that most jobs have not been designed to fulfil the self-actualization needs of their employees. By that, we mean that employees are increasingly viewing their jobs not as a source of income, but as a means to fulfil their life goals and aspirations.


And hence the founding of CFB Bots.

Taking the robots out of humans


We are a disruptive, deep tech start-up which strives to empower employees to make a difference at work. Our goal is to enable employees to harness their individuality and human ingenuity to contribute positively to their organizations, thus improving employee engagement and talent retention.


At the same time, companies can leverage our solutions to become cheaper, faster and better in this increasingly competitive business landscape.


People, Process, then Technology


We do so by leveraging on people, process and technology, in that order. Although we are a technology company at heart, everything we do starts from and evolves around people.


And we believe in doing right by our customers, which means ensuring a “fit for purpose” before the deployment of any technology solutions to existing processes.


A Digital Workforce that is Cheaper, Faster and Better


CFB Bots provides a Digital Workforce solution that is powered by leading edge technologies such as Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.


We believe passionately that in the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution, clerical tasks in digital offices will be automated the same way industrial robotics automated production in shop floors.


To be the digital transformational leader in the Future of Work


To leverage technology, process and people to improve productivity


To help our customers become cheaper, faster and better

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