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Let us take care of your automation journey from exploration through to enterprise-wide implementation 

Maximising your ROI throughout your automation journey

From your very first exploratory steps all the way to full-scale, enterprise-wide hyperautomation, our experts will do everything to help you achieve the best ROI possible.

Your automation journey starts here


Having experienced proven benefits of RPA through your pilot project, it's now time to get started on automating more complex processes—perhaps across different departments.

Project Implementation

Using a proven RPA implementation methodology, our experts address every aspect of successful RPA project implementation systematically and meticulously

RPA Maintenance and Support

Corrective and preventive activities to ensure bot resiliency and business continuity

Automation as a Service (AaaS)

Enjoy the benefits of RPA bots without upfront investment or fixed cost. Just pay an affordable flat-fee subscription.

New to RPA? Start here


You start by considering whether automation is right for your organisation. Will RPA really demonstrate cost savings? Or is it just a vanity project?

A pilot project can help you determine that.

Our affordable quick-start RPA pilot service RPANOW will help you deploy and derive value from RPA within days.

Full-Scale End-to-End Automation

Enterprise-wide adoption is key to accelerating your company's automation efforts and maintaining momentum.


By providing every employee with an RPA bot and by training them to be citizen developers, you cut down barriers to automation.

Meanwhile, technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Analytics are integrated to help automate complex, cognitive processes and to continually identify new candidate processes.

RPA Process Discovery Service

Without a pipeline of processes suitable for automation, an automation programme eventually dries up and grinds to a halt. Our Process Discovery Service prevents this through system-level process and task mining, automated process capturing tools, and more.

Business Process Redesign

Our experts will help you build sustainable and resilient processes by leveraging the latest in automation and digital technologies. Besides achieving process and operational excellence, your business will also be able to create a better customer and employee experience.

RPA Accelerator Programme

Through this customised, intensive programme, our experts will accelerate you through your automation journey—from your first pilot project all the way through to full-scale adoption—equipping you with all the ingredients for long-term automation success. 

AI Accelerator Programme

Harness the power of AI to mimic human workers better and automate even tasks that are decision-based and more cognitive. Our experts will provide guidance to integrate various AI technologies into your end-to-end hyperautomation initiative.

RPA Talent Solutions

We source, train, manage and mentor a fully accredited RPA team (including developers and business analysts) to power your successful automation programme.

Automation Academy

Through customised RPA training, clinics, and labs, our experts equip your team with the necessary automation expertise to help you succeed in your automation journey.

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Are you unsure about your next steps?

Our experts will be happy to understand your particular situation and advise you on your best route to automation success. All you have to do is ask.

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