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Enabling your organisation to derive value from RPA in a flash

Prove the commercial value of RPA in your organisation

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) looks like a dream solution to remove all the time-consuming drudgery that is bogging your team down. But how do you prove that it works in your organisation? 

An RPA Pilot Project will help you do that. With our RPANOW programme, you have a quick and affordable way to demonstrate the value RPA brings to your organisation and to convince your stakeholders.


You can get value out of RPA in just 5 days. Through our RPANOW programme, our experts will automate one Minimal Viable Process (MVP) in your company in just 5 days.


This pilot project is ideal if you are just getting your feet wet—you are exploring RPA for the first time and want to see demonstratable savings before proceeding to automate other processes.

An affordable one-time flat fee means there is no bill shock

Quick turnaround time allows you to assess the benefits of RPA right away

Includes a 1-year software subscription so you can enjoy the benefits of RPA even beyond the project period

Image by Douglas Bagg

Ready to see RPA working in your organisation?

Get in touch, and we'll get started right away.

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