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With a career in RPA, you can help remove drudgery from the workplace

If you want to change the world, start with yourself

At CFB Bots, we're in the business of making work enjoyable for our customers' employees through technology and automation.


It goes without saying that we do all we can to make sure our people enjoy their work, too.

We believe that employee satisfaction and customer success are intertwined. So, we are committed to serving both our people and customers as top priorities.

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How do we serve our people?


We support constant development of our people. Our goal is simply to get 1% better every single day through continuous learning. To us, failing is nothing but making our first attempt in learning.


We empower our team members to make a difference as well as to grow professionally and personally. We give our team members the latitude to express their ingenuity and do not expect them to behave like robots (even though we are in the business of automation).


We embrace the idea of meritocracy where the best idea—not title or seniority—wins. And we celebrate the achievements of our team with growth opportunities and performance-based incentives.

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Life at CFB Bots


Are you ready for the new wave?

If you look back in time, you'll realise that technology comes in waves—the PC, the internet, and smartphones are a few familiar examples.


We are now on the cusp of a new wave—the Automation-First era.

Just like how Bill Gates envisioned, back in the 1980s, a world where there's a desktop in every home, we are fast approaching an era where there is a robot assistant for every person.

During the 2nd industrial revolution, Industrial Robotics automated work on the production floor

Technology Wave in the Past: During the Second Industrial Revolution, Industrial Robotics automated work on the production floor

Students Typing at Their Computers

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, clerical work will be automated the way industrial robotics automated production in the shop floor during the Second Industrial Revolution. 

- Liu Siyong, Founder, CFB Bots

Every person will have a personal robot assistant

Upcoming Technology Wave: Every person will have a robot assistant, so human workers are free from the drudgery of repetitive work and can focus on more creative, interactive work.

A career in RPA sets you up for the future

With a career in RPA, you gain valuable skills and experience in an up-and-coming technology sector.


Hyperautomation is the top strategic technology trend for 2020. The RPA software market grew 62.9% in 2019 and is the fastest-growing enterprise software segment for the second year running.


As organisations struggle to keep up with the pent-up demand for automation, you will be well-positioned to contribute.


A career in RPA can also be an on-ramp to a career in Machine Learning or Data Science—a bright start to a long and successful career in tech.

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