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RPA Maintenance and Support

Professional RPA support team that maintain your bots to ensure smooth, sustainable operations

To be successful in the long run, you need to ensure bot resiliency in your automated processesbut these tasks can be tedious.

Our annual RPA maintenance and support plan aims to take care of that for you.

We carry out both corrective and preventive maintenance activities that help you ensure business continuity.

If you encounter any problems with your bots, our experts will be there to rectify the issues promptly.


With our RPA support, you can free up your most valuable resourceyour in-house RPA developersto focus on automating new processes rather than supporting production bots.

58% impacted customer service

51% lower employee productivity

48% impacted costs/revenue

44% increased employee error rate

Our RPA Support and Maintenance Plan

Preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance, including rectification of bot defects

RPA software upgrade

Continuous improvements and enhancements to production bots

Updates due to changes in applications/systems, data formats, and/or business processes

Cataloguing reusable components for quicker and more efficient automation work in the future

License management

Maintaining a knowledge repository that allows for quick and systematic access to automation-related information

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Are your bots breaking down too often?

Let our experts take over the tedious RPA maintenance tasks so your team can concentrate on automating new processes

CFB Bots is a leading technology service provider in the fast-growing field of Intelligent Automation. We partner with large enterprises in their Digital Transformation journey and help them and their employees thrive in the Future of Work.

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