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RPA for SMEs

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) boosts productivity not just in large enterprises. It is also a cost-effective solution for SMEs.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging technology that can help to automate your mundane, repetitive tasks, enabling you to manage your business operations in a cheaper, faster, better way.

The software bots that automate your processes work 24/7—without taking any breaks—and works much faster than a human could. They are an instant productivity boost.


These software bots emulate the actions taken by human users, so they can be deployed automate work processes across many business functions, including:


  • Finance & Accounting

  • Human Resource

  • Information Technology

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Supply Chain

Check out the 100+ RPA use cases we have compiled, classified by business function.

If your company is a Singapore SME, government funding support may also be available through the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) administered by Enterprise Singapore.

Example RPA Use Cases for SMEs

The following are some specific examples of how RPA can easily boost productivity in SMEs.

Submission of GPCL and ECL Claim Applications (HR)


Background: Under the Government-Paid Child care Leave (GPCL) and Extended Child care Leave (ECL) scheme, the Government will reimburse employers for a maximum of 3 child care leave days over a 12-month relevant period, capped at $500 per day.


To apply for this reimbursement, employers need to obtain the GPCL1 declaration forms from their employees and submit the claims online via the GPL Portal.


Problem: This process is rather mundane and repetitive and can be rather onerous for companies for many employees. In addition, such claims tend to be clustered around the end of the 12-month relevant period, resulting in a seasonal spike in workload. Lastly, timely submission of the applications is critical as late claims will not be considered.


Solution: With RPA, this application process is now simplified and expedited. HR personnel only need to file all the GPCL1 declaration forms into a designated folder. The RPA bot will retrieve all these forms, extract the relevant details, and submit the applications on the GPL portal. For all successful submissions, the RPA bot will extract the confirmation number and send an email notification back to the HR personnel.