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Downloadable Resources

Check out the resources we have prepared to help you through your automation journey, and download them to use at your own convenience

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RPA Use Cases in Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management is full of repetitive, mundane tasks that have to be done as fast as possible just to get the goods moving. Here are 25+ ideas to automate some of these processes with RPA so you can free up your team's time and capacity for what truly matters.

RPA Use Cases in Shipping.png

RPA Use Cases in Shipping

Ideas to help you automate the shipping tasks that are slowing you down—those repetitive, time-consuming admin tasks preventing you from delivering value to your customers faster.

RPA Use Cases Finance Cover - transparen

RPA Use Cases in Finance

25+ ideas for using RPA in various aspects of Finance, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Financial Reporting & Reviews, Reconciliation, and more.

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White paper: Selecting the Right Processes for RPA

Choosing the right processes for RPA is key in ensuring the success of your automation programme. In this free white paper, you will find a thorough step-by-step guide to finding processes suitable for RPA.

RPA Use Cases in HR cover - 600px.png

RPA Use Cases in Human Resources (HR)

20+ automation ideas to help you put the human back into Human Resources! Check out how you can use RPA to automate different aspects like Payroll, Employee Engagement, Administration, and more.

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RPA Use Cases in Manufacturing

39 ideas for using RPA in various aspects of Manufacturing, including Supply Chain Management, Production Planning & Control, Quality Management, and more.

RPA case study - OWNDAYS.png

Case Study: OWNDAYS

Eyewear retailer OWNDAYS had to dedicate one entire headcount to data entry and had to spend 1-2 hours daily investigating and correcting human errors. Read more about their successful automation journey.

10 Best Practices for New Robotic Proces

UiPath Cheat Sheet

A handy cheat sheet for RPA developers to easily refer to in their daily work - shortcuts, syntax, common functions, initialisation, and more.

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Personalised Automation ROI Report

Not sure if RPA can generate the ROI you want? Let us crunch the numbers for you. Just provide us with some simple numbers regarding your organisation and process, and we'll do the rest.

RPA Case study - precision component manufacturer.png

Case Study: Precision Component Manufacturer

Our client brought us on board to evaluate and enhance their existing RPA solution used in their Malaysia site, which was suffering from frequent disruptions due to reliability issues. This saved them an additional 150 hours a month.


RPA Quick Start Guide

This short and sweet guide summarises key considerations in scoping an RPA project, so you can understand all the requirements at a glance.

Corporate Policy for Usage of Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools.png

Generative AI:
Corporate Policy Governing Usage

A template document available in Microsoft Word format which you can adapt for your own organization's corporate policy governing the usage of Generative AI like ChatGPT.

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