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Automation Academy

RPA training with practical guidance and advice from our automation experts, covering RPA software such as Microsoft Power Automate Desktop

Our Automation Academy is run by our in-house RPA experts. Besides being fully certified, they are backed by real-world experiences—they have spent thousands of hours working on RPA projects for large organisations across various industries and business functions.


As seasoned professionals, our experts will provide you with practical guidance and valuable insights as you embark on your own automation journey.

The Automation Academy consists of the following 3 areas: 

RPA Training

RPA courses for management, developers, and business users

RPA Clinic

Individual help and guidance for RPA developers, including citizen developers

RPA Labs

RPA coworking space with access to RPA experts

RPA Training

We provide RPA training—and where appropriate, RPA tutorials—customised for different target audiences, such as management or business leaders, developers, and citizen developers.

Our Introduction to Microsoft Power Automate Desktop training, for example, provides solid fundamental knowledge and complements it with a hands-on capstone project, where trainees get to automate their own real-world business process with their instructor's guidance.

Business Leaders

Managers, directors, and executives looking to transform their business with RPA

RPA Developers

IT professionals who want to automate processes for business users in their organisation

Citizen Developers

Business users who want to develop automation for their own use

Good RPA course with guided exercises and demo for different automation types.


RPA Clinic

The RPA Clinic is an avenue for your citizen developers to seek individual assistance and guidance for their ground-up automation work.


Our experts are available on-site or remotely to:​

Provide advice and guidance for your RPA developers 

Perform testing and quality assurance

Perform code review

Provide recommendations on best practices, especially with regards to governance

Provide suggestions to improve the robustness of the bot, especially for error and exception handling





Persons trained


Training sessions

Our Clients Trust Us


RPA Labs

RPA Labs is the first coworking space in Singapore focused on RPA. It provides the ideal ready-made environment for all types of users, whether you are a citizen developer exploring RPA for the first time or if you are a seasoned programmer looking to automate a complex use case. 

Evaluate multiple RPA software

Fully equipped with various RPA software (for both attended and unattended bots), so you don't need to invest in costly software licenses

Access to RPA experts for guidance

Our business and technical consultants can guide you in your automation journey, whether you are simply evaluating a particular RPA software or automating a complex business process

Full focus on RPA

Fully equipped lab (including projector, whiteboard, high-speed internet access, mini bar, and pantry) helps your team concentrate on creating and implementing RPA without distractions

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Experience is best gained second-hand

Tap into our experts’ experience to gain useful skills and practical advice for a smoother automation journey

CFB Bots is a leading technology service provider in the fast-growing field of Intelligent Automation. We partner with large enterprises in their Digital Transformation journey and help them and their employees thrive in the Future of Work.

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