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Introduction to Microsoft Power Automate Desktop

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This programme is designed to walk you through the fundamentals of developing your first automation project using Microsoft Power Automate Desktop, the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software in the market.  

Power Automate Desktop uses low-code RPA (no coding required) to give you time back for more high-value work by automating “busy work”. RPA makes it possible to automate workflows across modern and legacy applications on your desktop by recording actions such as mouse and keyboard clicks.  

Covering theoretical concepts as well as hands-on exercises, this programme will equip you with a good understanding of Power Automate Desktop.  

Additionally, you will participate in a Mini Capstone Project on Day 3 where you will work on automating your own business process. In this way, you will gain the ability and confidence to build a robot for your own use by applying what you have learnt throughout this programme.  


Upon the completion of the programme, you should be able to: 

-Select appropriate processes for automation -Understand the functionalities and capabilities of Power Automate Desktop 

-Develop and automate simple business processes/tasks using Power Automate Desktop  


-Users who are keen to learn how to automate mundane, repetitive tasks 

-Users who are interested to learn about the role of RPA in an Automation-First, Digital-ready organisation 

-Basic programming skills will be advantageous 

-Laptop with Power Automate Desktop installed and activated  

You may request the complete PDF brochure here


To arrange private, in-house classes for your organization, please contact us at


Feb 9-11, 2022


09:00 AM - 05:00 PM, SGT (UTC+08:00)





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