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Enable High Tech High Touch with Automation and AI

Have you heard of the term “high tech/high touch”?

It is a term coined by the late author and futurist John Naisbitt in his 1982 seminal book Megatrends. In a world of increasing technological sophistication, he observed that humans crave the interpersonal interactions and connections even more, not less. For example, as the number of robots on the factory floor increases, so does the formation of quality circles.

This idea cannot be more relevant today. As businesses and industries rapidly adopt automation, the need for a balance between technology and personal touch becomes ever more critical. Automation can streamline processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. However, they must be implemented thoughtfully to enhance, rather than replace, engagements among all stakeholders, including customers and employees alike.

AI can play a complementary role in this regard by driving mass personalization. By analyzing vast amounts of data, AI can customize interactions and experiences to meet individual preferences and needs. This creates a more engaging and humanized customer journey, showing that businesses understand and value their customers on a personal level.

For example, AI can tailor marketing messages, product recommendations, and customer service interactions to each individual, providing a sense of personalized care and attention that was previously unattainable at scale and way too costly to deliver. This high-tech approach ensures that while automation handles routine tasks, AI adds a layer of personalization that enhances the overall experience.

In short, leverage both automation and AI to deliver a high tech/high touch experience to your customers.


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