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Automate the automations with AI recorder

Is the “automation of automations” about to become a reality?

At Microsoft Build 2024, the Copilot Studio, a graphical low-code tool for creating and maintaining copilots, was announced. Copilots are essentially AI agents or virtual employees who can help to automate business processes intelligentlly and independently.

In addition, Power Automate is shifting from rules-based to AI-based automation that is adaptive and outcome-based. Several nifty features announced include:

  • The multi-modal AI Recorder which allows users to automate business processes through screen sharing and voice coaching, augmenting the existing image-based recorder.

  • AI flows which leverage natural language and large language models to create more intelligent, flexible and dynamic automation, something fundamentally different from the traditional RPA automation.

Sangya Singh, Microsoft's VP of Power Platform, summed it best when she explained that the latest innovations will “disrupt how [Robotic Process Automation] is done.”.

Does this sound the death knell of RPA? Should enterprises abandon their existing RPA programs and rush to adopt Copilot Studio and copilots?

Our view remains that the emergence of generative AI and its application into RPA development platforms will undoubtedly be an important first step in the right direction. However, we caution against the hype and hopes of copilots and autopilots. At current maturity levels, we do not expect widespread adoption beyond fancy demos, proof-of-concepts, and limited use cases.

Nevertheless, we think it is important for companies to understand and experiment with these new technologies now. Given the rapid advancements in the capabilities of generative AI, we do expect the technology to achieve production-ready/enterprise-grade within the next 1-2 years.


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