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Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas for Digital and Human Employees

Driven by the rapid advancements in technologies like AI and automation, "digital employees" are entering the workforce in droves, augmenting (and in some cases, replacing) their human counterparts. As the Future of Work evolves rapidly to encompass a hybrid workforce, it is important to understand and leverage the strengths of both digital and human employees.

In this regard, the Strategy Canvas for Digital/Human Employees can provide intriguing insights into this new business landscape. For the uninitiated, the Strategy Canvas, developed by Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, is a central diagnostic tool and an action framework for building a compelling blue ocean strategy. It graphically captures, in one simple picture, the current strategic landscape and the future prospects for an organization.

Looking at the Strategy Canvas, it is clear that digital employees offer efficiency and cost savings, while human employees bring creativity, innovation and a personal touch to customer service.

So what does this mean for businesses?

As companies sail into this blue ocean of opportunity, they will increasingly be adopting digital workers that execute business processes and are supervised by human managers. The key is to balance technology with humanity, ensuring a future where digital and human employees work in harmony to achieve business objectives.


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