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Unattended bots are expensive

Unattended bots from leading RPA providers cost a whopping 4x to 5.7x of their attended counterparts - that's money you can save to buy more bots!

Attended vs unattended - What's the difference?

But everybody wants unattended bots - Why?

No human involvement

With unattended bots, you don't need humans to manually trigger your bots. After all, what's the point of automation if we still need humans-in-the-loop?

Better bot utilization

Everything can be scheduled or activated based on triggers. By not having to depend on their human master, unattended bots can work 24/7, even outside of working hours.

Higher bot availability

Unattended bots' 24/7 availability means there is capacity to automate more with the same number of bots. Your bots are more productive.

More reliable

Humans forget, but bots don't. With unattended bots doing your work, your job gets done consistently, correctly, and at the right time - always.

What if there's a better way?

What if you can get all the functionalities of an unattended bot at a small fraction of its price?

Untitled design (4).png

Robot Scheduler does the job - without the hefty price tag

Robot Scheduler converts your attended bots into unattended bots so you don't have to buy expensive unattended bot licenses


  • Works with bots from various leading RPA software vendors 

  • Compatible with both attended and unattended bots

  • Unlocks Windows OS and adjusts screen resolution automatically if necessary

Scheduling & Triggers

  • Supports dynamic, event-driven bots scheduling

  • Executes a bot automatically based on a defined schedule (à la unattended mode)

  • Executes a bot automatically only when a predetermined trigger occurs

Human-Robot Interface

  • Comes with dashboard and analytics

  • Automatic notifications to alert you of any exceptions or errors

Free Trial Signup

Try it FREE for 30 days - no credit card required 

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Introductory Offer

Sign up now to enjoy 80% OFF after your 30-day free trial ends.

Billed monthly

  • Per user per month

  • Remotely manage up to 5 bots

  • Cancel anytime


U.P.: $50/month

Billed annually

  • Per user per year

  • Remotely manage up to 5 bots


U.P.: $500/year

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