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Case Study

Reliable RPA Script Saves Additional >150 Hours a Month for Precision Manufacturer

The Client

The client is an international precision component manufacturer.


They brought us on board to evaluate and enhance an existing RPA solution used at their manufacturing site in Malaysia, which employs around 1000 employees.

Image by Remy Gieling

The Challenges With The Existing Solution

Every day, 9 business users spent the bulk of their time obtaining data from the production floor and manually keying these pieces of information into the ERP. This process is time-consuming and error-prone—overall detrimental to productivity.

When CFB Bots came on board, the client already had an existing RPA solution. However, this initial foray into RPA had dozens of issues and multiple delays spanning almost 3 months.

Even after go-live, the bot didn’t run smoothly. It would often terminate unexpectedly due to unhandled errors and exceptions—often in the middle of the night, outside office hours.

These reliability issues did not inspire confidence in users, and the IT team was also kept on edge.

Previously, from time to time, the robot would hang and require restart. I had to be on a constant lookout, checking whether the robot was functioning normally—even outside working hours.


Now, the system is very stable. With CFB Bots’ involvement, that was made achievable. 

– IT Software Developer,
Precision Component Manufacturer

The Solution

CFB Bots was brought in to re-evaluate and enhance the existing RPA solution, without compromising the rigorous checking process requested by the users. 

  • Review of the RPA script

  • Rearchitecting the RPA solution

  • Enhancements to UI element detection, error-handling, and more

Image by Van Tay Media

The Results

With processing time reduced and the workers' time freed up to handle other things, the ROI is pretty quick.



– Procurement Manager,

Precision Component Manufacturer

Accurate, real-time data for decision- making

Additional >150 Hours Monthly Time Savings

Happier, more productive workforce

Image by Douglas Bagg

So, why did it work this time?

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