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AIBotics 2021: Intelligent Transformation

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This webinar is part of the AIBotics 2021 Go-Digital Series, featuring an international panel of thought leaders who will be sharing about various facets of intelligent transformation. These experts are: 

  • Professor Alex Siow, Professor, NUS SoC/Strategic Advisor Alibaba Cloud

  • Mr Oliver Tian, Founder & Director, Oliver Tian Associates (Singapore)

  • Mr Liu Siyong, Founder & General Manager, CFB Bots Pte Ltd (Singapore)

  • Dr Janet Benson, Learning Lead, Senior Researcher & Innovation  Specialist, Trinity College (Ireland)

  • Mr Dicken Doe, Executive Director - Data Science, Foolproof (UK)

  • Mr David Rogerson, Principal Consultant CX, Foolproof (UK)

  • Mr Nazri Muhd, CEO & Founder, CEAI (Singapore)

There will also be a panel discussion on the topic: Deploying AI is not just a project – it is an organizational transformation  – it involves a mix of work processes, work skills & work environment

In this webinar, our General Manager, Mr Liu Siyong, will be sharing about oft-overlooked pitfalls of automation deployment and what you can do to avoid them.


Oft-Overlooked Pitfalls of Automation Deployment

When planning for digital transformation involving AI and robots, people often think the most about technical  and commercial feasibility - what can be automated, what is the ROI, what technology to pick, etc. But  businesses often neglect other critical factors that are actually fundamental for success: people and  processes. 

When people and processes are not sufficiently addressed first, automation initiatives are likely  to fail. For example, if automation anxiety - a fear of being replaced by AI and robots - is left unchecked,  employees may be uncooperative, or even subtly sabotage the project’s success. Looking for quick wins  and rushing to automate messy processes without first standardizing them may result in mistakes, chaos,  and so many exceptions that human workers are swamped. 

So, what do business leaders need to do? In  this talk, we will present 10 mistakes we have observed in our years as an automation consultancy firm and  provide practical tips on how to prepare people and processes for digital transformation - in the right order.


Sep 2, 2021


01:00 PM - 04:00 PM, SGT





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