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The Customer

A leading commercial real estate investment company with a multi-billion-dollar portfolio

Company Size

100+ employees

Transaction Volume

400+ per month

The Benefits


>250 hrs saved per month


100% reduction in errors


Improved employee experience

The Problem

The customer's finance executives were spending some 7 hours each day on manual data entry— 400+ transactions a month, each with >10 data points to enter and a report to attach.

Even worse, they were doing this on legacy systems with poor user experience—too many navigations, complex user interface, slow load time, etc. The two systems also do not accept the same values, so employees had to convert these in their heads as they enter the data. As a result, it was a painful process—frustrating, error-prone and unproductive.

The Solution

Now, all employees have to do is submit a lease request, and the bot will take care of the rest. This includes mapping the data to the right values accepted by the different systems. When there are errors, the robot escalates the process to human users, complete with screenshots of the errors for easy troubleshooting.

Lease Creation Processing with Legacy Systems

Real Estate | Finance

Lease Creation Processing with Legacy Systems

Lease Creation Processing with Legacy Systems
Image by Douglas Bagg

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