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Case Study

RPA & Machine Learning Brought Invoice Processing Time Down to 3 Minutes

The Client

Customer: Global developer and manufacturer of advanced materials for coatings, printing & packaging, and industrial manufacturing markets

Size: 300+ employees

Transaction volume: 200/month

The Problem

With each supplier having a different invoice format, invoice processing was tedious, and it was all too easy to make mistakes.


Finance executives had to manually identify Purchase Order (PO) numbers on the invoices, then pore over the quantities and amounts among a jumble of numbers on each invoice, trying to match them with the POs in the ERP system.


Existing technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) rely on templates and does not scale well.

The Solution

CFB Bots designed and implemented a solution that integrated several best-in-class technologies to support straight-through processing of invoices.


The RPA bot handled the entire end-to-end invoice processing, with Machine Learning technology classifying and extracting data. To ensure accuracy, in the rare cases where the extraction by the bot is below a pre-defined confidence level, the case is escalated to human workers for validation (exception handling).

RPA with ML case study flowchart.png

These technologies worked together seamlessly to make this possible:

UiPath Document Understanding

Intelligent invoice extraction: Using Machine Learning models, invoices are extracted quickly and accurately

UiPath Action Center

Human-in-the-loop validation: human workers work alongside the robot, handling exceptions—the rare cases where the confidence level for the bots' extraction is not sufficiently high

UiPath Attended Robots

Once invoices have been extracted and matched with PO information, an attended bot posts them to the ERP system

UiPath AI Center

To get the Machine Learning models to extract invoices as accurately as possible, the models are trained in the UiPath AI Center with documents relevant to the client

The Results

Time freed up for strategic work

Solution that learns and improves over time

Supports prompt processing of invoices

Ensures compliance

Image by Douglas Bagg

Get Machine Learning to work for you

Is your team tired of spending hours after hours pouring through stacks of documents and trying to make sense of them? Machine Learning and RPA can help you get the job done more quickly and accurately. Get in touch to find out more.

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