RPA Labs enables organizations to rapidly capture and demonstrate value from Robotic Process Automation by digitizing and automating their most mundane and repetitive business processes.


What is RPA Labs?


RPA Labs is the first coworking space in Singapore that is focused on the RPA industry. It is tailored for organizations and individuals who are looking to explore and leverage RPA technology to bring about improved business outcomes, such as increased productivity, enhanced compliance and improved customer satisfaction, to name a few. RPA Labs provides the ideal environment for all types of user, whether you are a citizen developer exploring RPA for the first time or if you are a seasoned programmer looking to automate a complex use case. RPA Labs provides the necessary infrastructure for our users to get up to speed quickly, including access to RPA software, professional support and technical advisory.


Who is it for?


RPA Labs is suitable for organizations with the following needs:

  • Those looking for a readily-available environment for evaluating various RPA software
  • Those looking to provide their RPA teams with an offsite location (away from workplace distraction) where members can fully concentrate on creating and implementing their own RPA use cases
  • Those looking for mentors who can facilitate and assist in their bot development


Key Features


  • Fully equipped with a variety of RPA software including UiPath (UiPath Studio, Attended and Unattended Robots and Orchestrator)
  • Assistance from our business and technical consultants who can guide you in your automation journey, whether you are simply evaluating a particular RPA software or if you are automating a complex business process

  • Fully equipped lab including projector, white board, high speed internet access, mini bar and pantry




  • Ideal environment to spur innovation and design thinking
  • No need to invest in costly enterprise software licenses


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RPA Labs - Coworking Space for RPA

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