Mitigating Risks and Failures in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our Commitment to our Customers


At CFB Bots, we believe in doing right by our Customers.


While we are totally convinced of the benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), we do understand that this is a new technology unfamiliar to many of our Customers. This in turns creates significant barriers to enterprise adoption, not to mention risks and failures during implementation.


Hence, to reassure our Customers and to ensure our interests are fully aligned, CFB Bots have today launched a new RPA Pay for Performance programme. The salient points of this programme include:


  • Prior to the start of work, Customer and CFB Bots to jointly agree on a set of key performance metrics to be achieved by this RPA initiative.

  • Customer’s commitment includes the purchasing of all requisite software licenses.

  • CFB Bots’ commitment includes the provision of all professional services FOC.

  • Only when the RPA initiative meets and exceeds all the agreed key performance metrics does the Customer need to reimburse CFB Bots for all the professional services rendered (at pre-agreed rates).


In order for any RPA initiative to be a success, the full commitment of both Customer and CFB Bots is absolutely vital. To ensure that the Customer remains vested, a co-payment for all software licenses is required. As the Customer is not required to pay for any professional services if the agreed performance metrics are not met, this helps to mitigate the risks of project failure.


In other words, our Customers’ downside risks are protected, while their upside potential is unlimited. Sounds good? What are you waiting for? Please contact CFB Bots at or +65 6909 2099 to start enrolment into this RPA Pay for Performance programme. Only limited vacancies remain.

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