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Over the next five years, RPA will drastically transform the modern workplace. Businesses in the Greater China Region, including Hong Kong, have already been impacted by RPA, resulting in increased pressure to retain competitive edge and sustain growth.


At the same time, as a leading international financial, transportation, trade, and legal and dispute resolution centre, there are a lot of opportunities for companies in Hong Kong to boost productivity by automating rule-based, repetitive tasks. This will freed up their employees to take on higher value-added activities.


Service Offerings


CFB Bots can help you to digitally transform your organization, from being manpower-intensive to become technology-centric. Through the deployment of a digital or virtual workforce powered by RPA technology, you can ensure that your operations are digital-ready and future-proof. We provide a comprehensive range of professional services to guide you through your entire RPA journey.

Pre-RPA Preparation

  • Establishing a RPA Centre of Excellence

  • Establishing a Change Management & Governance Framework

  • Preparing a Stakeholder Communications & Management Plan

  • RPA Software Selection

Needs Assessment & Opportunity Identification

  • Performing Feasibility Assessments (Technical & Commercial)

  • Building a Business Case

  • Prioritizing Projects

Design, Development & Build

  • Access to Applications & Environments

  • Identity Security

  • Exception Handling

  • Establishing Standards & Best Practices

Production, Maintenance & Support

  • Bots Scheduling & Monitoring

  • Establishing a 24/7 Support Infrastructure

  • Performance Tracking

  • Change Management

  • License Optimization

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Process Selection


One of the most critical activity when implementing RPA is process selection. Selecting the right process for automation can have a dramatic impact on the success rate and return on investment. At CFB Bots, we take the guess work out of process selection. Instead, we adopt a rigorous, data-driven approach that helps to quantify the suitability of any process.


  • Identify processes that have maturity for automation, i.e. robust and standardized processes

  • Find bottlenecks, rework, order changes and other symptoms of an inefficient process and understand the root causes

  • Evaluate current automation rates

  • Prioritize processes with high RPA potential


  • Design and develop your RPA robots based on existing process flows

  • Identify relevant process KPIs

  • Benchmark your RPA robots


  • Quantify the ROI of your RPA initiative

  • Determine how the process KPIs change with RPA

  • Identify process deviation and ensure process compliancy

  • Adapt your RPA robots as your processes evolve

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We are a group of experienced RPA practitioners with deep expertise in some of the industry-leading RPA software. We are technology-agnostic, and our objective is to deliver sustainable business results irrespective of the RPA software you choose to deploy. 

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