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The Customer

A leading automotive distributorship in the region—Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and China

Company Size

1000+ employees

Transaction Volume

600+ per month

The Benefits


>100 hrs saved per month


Better productivity due to less disruption


Improved employee experience

The Problem

The customer's Finance department was struggling with manually creating or updating over 100 customers' information a week. The finance executives constantly log in to Salesforce every 15 minutes to download customer report, then keying this information into the Autoline system. That means logging in over 30 times in a typical workday, over 600 times a month

Not only is the work mundane and time-consuming, having to log in every 15 minutes is also highly disruptive to the executives’ work.

The Solution

CFB Bots developed an unattended robot that does the job for them—it runs every 15 minutes to download the customer report from Salesforce via API, then log in to the Autoline system and updates the information without any human involvement.

Transferring Customer Data from CRM

Automotive | Finance

Transferring Customer Data from CRM

Transferring Customer Data from CRM
Image by Douglas Bagg

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