How to deliver a consistently great customer experience AND achieve employee engagement

“Sir, please kindly hold on the line while we check on the status of your enquiry.” Music starts playing in what seems like an endless loop. In the meantime, the customer grows increasingly frustrated by the minute, upset by the fact that it takes so bloody long to get a reply to a simple query. The above is a common scenario that many of us encounter in our daily life. After all, the contact centre is an oft-used channel for consumers to interact and transact with brands and businesses. Unfortunately, in this digital age of instant gratifications, their experience frequently falls short of their (lofty) expectations. Which really begs the question – why haven’t contact centres utilize lean

Towards a Lights-Out Shared Services

Automation is much more pervasive in our business world than we often imagine. Take lights-out manufacturing for example. This involves fully automated factories that require minimal human presence or intervention on-site. In other words, these factories can be run with the lights off. Arguably the most well-known lights-out manufacturing facility is FANUC, a big producer of industrial robots, in Japan. Somewhat fittingly, at FANUC, robots produce other robots without requiring human supervision. The production lines are fully automated and can run unattended for several weeks. Source: FANUC Probably less well known are the dark stores. These stores resemble the traditional retail stores but

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