RPA that is so easy, every employee can use it

We met with the C-level executive of a major outsourcing firm recently. He shared that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been dominating the headlines within his industry recently. Being a traditional outsourcing provider that relies predominately on labour arbitrage, there is a growing impetus to add RPA to their repertoire in order to avoid irrelevance. So they are now at a stage of evaluating the various RPA tools and vendors. One of the key considerations they have is “ease of use”. More specifically, they are interested in a tool so simple to use that even non-IT Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can model the automations themselves. Or as one vendor seductively expressed it, “RPA that’s

The Advent of the Human-Bot Resources Practice

The Human Resources (HR) department has played a critical role in the success of every organization since the Industrial Age. After all, you cannot manufacture products or provide services without people. However, as we transition into the Digital Age, or what many has termed as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there will be a gradual, but inevitable breakdown of the venerable HR department. And in its place will stand the new Human-Bot Resources (HBR) Practice. Why Human-Bot Resources? This is an explicit acknowledgement that the workforce of the future will consist of both humans and bots working hand-in-hand. This is underpinned by the following assumptions regarding the Future of Work:

Making Robotic Process Automation Work

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), along with its cousin Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the buzzword nowadays. Companies of all shapes and sizes are rushing headfirst into this latest and greatest technology. Often, they do so without a deep understanding of what the technology is, and more importantly, what they want to achieve out of it. Technology, in and of itself, is nothing but a means to an end. To ensure a successful RPA implementation for your organization, we find it useful to adopt a simple framework – People, Process and Technology. (And yes, in that order too.) The following describes a series of questions which you should consider as you look to embark on your own RPA journey.

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